Monday, January 26, 2009

Tea Accompanied with Ideas from the Food Bloggers

The Food Bloggers are a group of bloggers who enjoy sharing their recipes or write blogs related to recipes, foods, health and nutrition, and cooking. They have some up with some more recipes that you may be able to serve with tea or at tea parties.

Alphabet Cake Pan Personalize your birthday cake with an alphabet cake pan. Make their initials, or their age in cake!
Busy Family Meals Vindaloo sauce can be used to flavor meats, but we like it best as a vegetarian delight!
Chocolate Covered Buttercrunch Bars Chocolate and buttercrunch treats made with a surprise ingredient.
Cooking Gadgets Space saving genius: collapsible colanders!
Horehound Drops A herbal home remedy for a sore throat or cough.
Old Woodenware Stirs Memories Mary Emma, at Country Kitchen, finds that old kitchen woodenware brings back memories of cooking in the farmhouse kitchen of childhood.
Super Bowl Snack: Edamame "Hummus" A delicious thick dip made with edamame, tofu and avocado The Experts' Suggestions to Curb Nighttime Noshing Most of the registered dieticians and diet websites Jean found as she tries to curb her nightly noshing habit have pretty specific suggestions to help.

Have fun as you try these. Let me know if there is something you particularly enjoy with your tea.

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