Monday, January 19, 2009

A Book Launch Tea Party - What a Grand Idea!

I just visited Tracy DeSabato-Aust's blog and learned of a fascinating idea - A Book Launch Tea Party. Tracy describes this gathering of friends to celebrate the launching of her new book, 50 High-Impact Low-Care Garden Plants.

Don't you simply love this idea? There are so many variations you can develop whether you're launching a fiction, non-fiction, children's or adult's book.

  • Some tea parties might be costume ones.
  • For others you could wear a hat.
  • Foods served could be some mentioned in the book.
  • If you do have a tea party in your book, recreate it at your launch.
  • You also could arrange a virtual online tea party launch.
  • If your book is set in a different country, find teas served there.

If you've ever had a tea party book launch, do share with us.

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Tracy DiSabato-Aust said...

Mary Emma, Thanks for sharing in my tea party! I love your ideas for other book launch tea parties. I think I may post a few more details from the event and send folks to your blog. Fun!