Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Carry Your Tea Bag with You when Traveling

Whenever I travel, I carry tea bags along. Then when I encounter situations where they don't serve tea, I usually can get a cup of hot water and make my own. I'll also have my favorite flavors with me.

Many motels/hotels nowadays have a coffee maker in the room. Usually they don't provde tea bags. Sometimes they don't even have tea bags in the lobby where they might serve coffee. If I have tea bags with me, I can enjoy my cup o' tea.

Also, I've discovered that many fast food places and coffee bars will give you a free cup of hot water, or at least charge you no more than the cost of the cup. Then I can add my tea bag and make my own, very inexpensively. I always offer to pay for they do have the cost of cups and heating water.

Do you have any tea bag traveling tips?


Farida said...

Hi! Love your blog! You can get a teabag "wallet" to tace your tea/sweetners with you on the road. If you are are still giving away and Zsenso orange pekoe or english breakfast teas, i'd love to get the chance to win it to try!

Thank you kindly, :)

Nancy said...

Thanks for suggestion..Also Shop at and save money..