Monday, February 09, 2009

Flowers for Valentine Teas

Have you considered decorating with flowers for a Valentine's Day tea? Or giving a Valentine arrangement to your hostess?

A friend who works in a florist department of a supermarket as a floral designer says that Valentine's Day is the biggest and busiest "flower" day of the year. It starts for them at least two weeks before Valentine's Day when the flowers start coming in.

They must prep the flowers, getting rid of leaves and stems and preparing them for bouquets and arrangements. They must make sure they have enough vases and Valentine related decorations and embellishments.

My friend is very creative, so she's often requested to design special arrangements using her ideas. Flower arranging is an art and not simply putting a mass of flowers into a vase in a hodge podge way.

Silk flowers also are in style and popular because they'll save. Some florest departments work with these, too. However, look for craftspeople who specialize in silk flowers for special occasions.

Craft stores also usually handle silk flowers. They may even hold classes on silk flower arranging.

Are you including flowers into your plans this Valentine's Day...either to give as a gift or to decorate your tea party?

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Deanne said...

Flowers are best and right choice as valentine gift... Nice tips for flower arrangements...