Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tea Pots and Tea Cups

I’ve seen a festive tea pot with holiday design at the local thrift shop where my daughter and I often stop for unique as well as useful items. If it’s there the next time we visit, I think it was meant for me to acquire.

I also look for interesting tea cups for serving tea on various occasions or simply to use myself. Today I found (at our local recycling facility…formerly called “the dump”…a Golden Wheat tea cup and saucer. This brought back memories because that was the first set of dishes Jim and I owned.

Where did they come from? Boxes of soap detergent. There was a promotion for Golden Wheat in the detergent my mother-in-law purchased (to wash laundry for a family of 10) She collected this dishware for us and accumulated a set of 4. The only other item I have left after 48 years is a soup bowl.

What do you collect for tea cups?

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Eileen Bergen said...

My mother collected small teacups and saucers. She displayed them on the sideboard in the dining room. Each one was unique.

When she passed on, my five siblings and I decided to divide them up because we all had such fond memories of them.

I have three that are stamped "Chugai China - Made in occupied Japan". I guess they are antiques now, right? But then, so am I ;-)