Monday, November 17, 2008

Sources of Tea Cups

Tea Cups & Saucers

Since it's not so easy to find fancy tea cups and saucers nowadays, when mugs are so prominent, I'll offer a few suggestions here. The ease of finding them depends on whether you want complete sets (of 4 or 6 or more) or will settle for single ones you mix and match.

Check out:

  • Stores that sell china

  • Second hand stores

  • Antique and collectibles shops

  • Auctions and estate sales

Also look here for:

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Tea Cup & Saucer; set of 6

Soul Mates Cup & Saucer

Camouflage Cup & Saucer - Butterfly Design

Demitasse Cups & Saucers; set of 6

Tea Glass Set of 2

Do you have a favorite tea cup and saucer?

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